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All designs Copyright of Pearls Krisana, Inc.
Cor's Kids Holiday Specials

Here is this year's collections for C.K.H.S. I will not present these items for sale in the trade, they are reserved until the close of this year exclusively for this program. Items are offered on a first come first serve basis. Images are home shot and do not reflect the natural brillant colors and luster in the gems. Please enhance your imagination or drop by to see them for yourself or I will come see you too!   

SN3700 Strand Naturelle  (above) This necklace is all natural. Natural color Tahitian Pearls and Tahitian Keshi knotted with Japanese silk and a clasp made from Tahitian Mother of Pearl shell. Comprised of 38 pearls 9mm x 13mm with mixed shapes and colors. The clasp design allows for two sizes and can be easily replaced with a traditional gold and diamond ball clasp. Retail $3,700  C.K.H.S Price $1,800   

SN5700 Strand Naturelle (above) This necklace is all natural. Natural color Tahitian Pearls and Tahitian Keshi with a single round white Australian and a single Philippine round gold South Sea Pearl, offering flavors from all the South Seas, knotted with Japanese silk and a clasp made from a Mother of Pearl shell. Comprised of 44 pearls 9mm x 12mm with round and drop shapes and mixed colors. The clasp design allows for two sizes and can be easily replaced with a traditional gold and diamond ball clasp. Retail $5,700  C.K.H.S Price $2,900   

KP4700 (above) This is a hand fabricated one of a kind 18KW dual enhancer/pendant which seperates into two beautiful pieces. (The black cord is only for the photo. Requires 18KW chain) The 2.0 ct. Gem Quality Chrome Tourmaline is rare which I purchased from the owner of the mine located in Kenya. The pearl is a 11.3mm Round Gem Tahitian Pearl. The piece is highlighted with 9-.11tw diamonds and finished with a detailed hand tailored Krisana "K" on the back . Retail $8,500. 00  C.K.H.S. Price $3,250.00

Three classic Tahitian Black Pearl strands as listed below. The image above is a sample of another strand.The strands available are similar, a little smaller with more green tones. These are in the Strands Naturelle collections, all natural color Tahitian Pearls knotted with Japanese silk and a Tahitian Mother of Pearl clasp.

SN4700 10mm x 11mm 39 Pearls  Retail $4,700  C.K.H.S. $2,300
SN3900  8mm x 11mm   41 Pearls  Retail $3,900 C.K.H.S.  $1,900
SN3900-2  9mm x 10mm   43 Pearls  Retail $3,900 C.K.H.S.  $1,900

PKPDER (Above) Hand fabricated 18KW Tahitian Pearl/Ruby/Diamond Earrings/Pendant Set. These are high quality deep red Burma rubies which tie into the natural violet pearl overtones. I purchased them in Hong Kong from a relative of one my pearling clients who imports rough cut ruby from Burma, the finest in the world.                 10-10.5mm Drop Tahitian Pearls (The most difficult to match and the rarest shape) Ruby 3-.9ct.tw  Diamond 3-.6ct.tw Retail $3,600. C.K.H.S Price $1,550.00 

Loose Pearls (Above, but these are not the specific pearls) I am offering this year for the first time three pearls from my private collection. A gem quality pearl is considered flawless in all criteria; luster, nacre/skin, orient and form. A loose pearl is a gift of forthcoming imaginations and ideas. We can later design a special and unique pendant or ring to flow with the natural grace of the pearl and the person whom it is for.  A loose pearl is a gem in the purest sense and can also be simply acquired for a private collection.

Pearl 1  Gem 13mm Round light silver/green with violet overtones. Retail $4,500 C.K.H.S Price $2,500

Pearl 2 Gem 12.8mm Semi-Round Philippine Gold. Retail $2,300 C.K.H.S. Price $!,300

Pearl 3 VERY SPECIAL! 12.7 Button shaped "Black" pearl. This is a genuine collector's pearl. It is the only known real "black" pearl in the world. I found it in a pearl lot brought to my Papeete office 12 years ago. Tahitian pearls are usually gray with darker base tones and various over tones. This is why the name was changed from "Black Pearls of Tahiti" to "Tahitian Pearls". There are 2 million known color tones of Tahitian pearls making this an even more extra ordinary pearl. Pearls which might appear to be black are actually dark gray or have purple tones when viewed under a magnification. This pearl was examined by the Gemological Institute of America and was featured on the cover of the annual gems report as the only known real "Black Pearl".  Retail Unknown. C.K.H.S. Private Bid Offer. Opening Bid $3,500 (This pearl will pay for school semester fees for my 8 Phio grand children 2007)


PKBP5 (Above) A modern staple in the Tahitian pearl collection. 14KW Diamond and Pearl Pendant. This is a classic! Featured on satin cord. Needs 14KW chain. 10mm pearl with .08 ct diamond. Retail $1,100  C.K.H.S. Price $400

SNENG750 (Above) This is a fun piece from Stands Naturelle as described above. It features almost every shaped pearl and many colors including rare bronze and has two sizes. Retail $750 C.K.H.S. Price $350

PS600 Pacific Strand (Above, however this image is not the piece and is $2,500) The one available is similar but smaller with an engraved pearl center and more circle pearls. Pacific Strands are very cool with a suede leather tie clasp. Retail $600 C.K.H.S. Price $300

IBSUDNK3  (Above) This is an excellent piece for a youthful soul. This is a very cool piece. Hand engraved pearl from Tahiti strung on a suede cord and a lariet pearl clasp. A total of six pearls. (4 available) Retail $250 C.K.H.S. Price $110

IBSUDBR (Above) This bracelet matches the necklace above. Retail $160 C.K.H.S. Price $70

CH275 Circle Harmony (Above) Pearl Necklace as featured in the center of photo. Tahitian circle pearls strung on leather cord with a lariet pearl clasp. This is a very popular piece. Available with engraved center pearl also. Retail $275 C.K.H.S. $120 (10 available)

ETPD600 (Above) 14KY Pearl Pendant styled in the spirit of the famous artisans the Etruscians of ancient Egypt. I have only one. Retail $600 C.K.H.S. Price $300

BE21  This 18KY with hand wrapped Platinum wire earring set belongs to my original collections from Brilyse Pearls. The pearls are 10.5mm drop shape and Pistachio in color, one of the rarest and most popular of colors. Retail $3,200  C.K.H.S. Price $1,250. (18KY disc ear supports included)