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"Conscious Beauty"



"The throwing out of balance of the resources of nature throws out of balance also the lives of men"---Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Cory Smith, President of Pearls Krisana singled out in the 1998 October issue of Vogue as a supplier of the world's finest pearls to the world's finest jewelers, is part of a new generation of pearl traders conscientious of the origins of South Pearls which have made them the most coveted gem of human kind's history. Therefore with his company there is a special emphasis on the concept of Conscious Beauty®--- a term encompassing pearls straight from the abyss, conflict free diamonds, ethically mined and recycled gold and original designs emanating from a higher essence.

The pearl culturing of ocean species of oysters strikes a balance between nature and the hand of man. Without this collaboration, the Queen of Gems formally only available as wild pearls plundered from oyster beds around the world and reserved for Royalty’s few, would not have revealed themselves over the last thirty years as cultured pearls for the world to enjoy.  Spat (baby oysters) collecting and oyster hatcheries have contributed to the overall expanse of the species, especially hit hard during the past two centuries when the shell was highly prized as the core material for buttons worldwide. Pearl culturing has also improved the lives of local people who work on the pearl farms. In most of the pearling countries workers are protected by strict government regulations for safety and job security. Aware of this successful relationship of man and nature in ocean pearl culturing the impetus to create Conscious Beauty® began, to merge South Sea Pearls with diamonds and metals of equivalent mindful origins with original individually handcrafted designs of equal artistic integrity to compliment the pearls intrinsic value.

South Sea Pearls ---the art of the pearl bearing oyster…Resourceful oysters from Tahiti and the South Seas respond to adversity with one of natures most exquisite solutions. The layer upon layer of pearly nacre which they deposit to envelop an irritating nucleus strategically placed in their delicate viscera, is more luxurious than that of any other oysters in the world. The resultant incomparable pearls from these oysters are larger, and more luminous, or radiate a wider range of iridescent hues than all others.

The Master Pearler --- the art of periculture …Though Master Pearlers from Tahiti and the South Seas have artfully applied the discipline of science in their efforts to culture fine quality pearls, in the end it remains the sole and enigmatic domain of healthy oysters to do so. Because oysters of the South Seas will thrive only within an infrastructure which maintains the naturally occurring water conditions, pearl farmers are bound ultimately by the tenants of sustainable aquaculture. The water and the creatures within must be protected without diminishing the environment or the prospects for future generations of oysters. 

The Master Craftsman --- the art of the craft….. Observation, imagination, aesthetic vision, experience and technical expertise are the prerequisite skills the master craftsman employs in crafting jewels for the collections of Pearls Krisana’s Conscious Beauty®.

An Evolving Sense---the absolute...Recognizing that each pearl cultivated is a gift from the oceans, Pearls Krisana as expressed through Conscious Beauty ® is committed to protecting and preserving marine ecosystems and works with suppliers and designers dedicated to these goals. Which started out as an esoteric part of Pearls Krisana has embodied the entire series of Collections from Strands Naturelle to Modern Archaeology.

Conscious Beauty® --- Beyond Beauty…..It has been suggested that human awareness of beauty was our first link with the world beyond. Pearls, from the moment of their discovery, hidden somewhere in the mists of time, have had a powerful effect on human consciousness and history. Pearls are a pure and perfect product of nature alone, the only completely natural gem, long ago became a metaphor for our fascination with beauty and the mysteries of the universe, and thus this venerable lodestone became humanities first---and most enduring gemstone. Conscious Beauty® unites with an acute awareness, natural color Pearls of the South Seas with the master craftsman and materials of ecologically and socially responsible suppliers...reflecting the purest intent of nature...as interpreted through us, as Conscious Beauty.