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All designs Copyright of Pearls Krisana, Inc.

"How Collections Made"

The non-metal elements of the Creations of Pearls Krisana are made by direction of the founder Cory Smith, primarily by craft-mothers (engraver is a father) who are crucial income earners for large families. In Polynesia, many families form organically and this family is called “Faa'mu”. Organic in the sense that a happy house can be made up of children from different parents but share a common spirit or need to live with a relative or neighbor that they feel a more inherent closeness. Often after school, (Tahiti has a good school system) some of the children participate just to be with a favorite parent, and working with pearls is fun and often work time sessions are laughing sessions too. There is matching pearls by size, quality and general color, matching pearls into strands and drilling too. All the mother-craftswomen that work with our company have large “Faa'mu” families and we feel fortunate that we are able to bring happiness to our customers which brings added happiness to “our” children.