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All designs Copyright of Pearls Krisana, Inc.


Engraved Tahitian Pearls

Parts of our collections are available with hand crafted Pearl and Mother of Pearl engraving from Tahiti, embracing symbolic Polynesian motifs. Turtles, Geckos, Dolphins, Birds, Flowers and ancient patterns reflect the natural world and behaviors of life around and within us. As an example, the amphibious Sea Turtle symbolized to the ancients', life transitions as in the passing of life to another form or a new life partner; a wife or a husband.

Custom work is available. Please call.

More design examples and the meanings behind the symbols coming here on this page... 

Gecko's symbolize a protective

"Life Ring"
The Sea Turtle represents
life's transitions. The designs
around the turtle each represent
a family member or special person,  all people
that make up the person's life. 

Birds symbolize the journey
of life.