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About Us

Krisana…the oldest known word referring to the pearl…found in ancient texts (Vedas) from India.

Pearls Krisana is an authentic wholesale South Sea Pearl company, with an established history living and working on pearl farms and with talented craftspeople and master jewelers from around the world. We are also genuine in our efforts and unafraid to explore new ways to enjoy South Sea Pearls. Pearls are classic, pearls are fun. Our pearls are natural color and our creations are original...we make them for People that like to Play.

We specialize in ;  

• Natural Color Tahitian and South Sea Pearl Strands

• Creations of pearls blended with Satin, Leather and Mother of Pearl
• 14k & 18k Pendants
• Matched Pairs
• Loose Pearls for collectors, designers and manufacturers
• Engraved Pearls
• Unbeatable prices due to our long standing pearling relations.

Pearls are a living gem....the connective energy of atoms that frames the crystalline structure of pearls has always been respected in meta-physical worlds. The conchiolin protein in a pearl which binds these crystals, if pharmaceutically extracted then applied, will heal the skin of burn victims with less pain and scarring and this has been shown in the scientific world…pearls are a healing gem. 

We select our pearls direct from the pearl farm and guarantee that our pearls are natural color and unprocessed. We lightly clean the pearls by tumbling them in salt water or light buffing to remove ocean residue left on the pearl’s surface at harvest.  Large Asian pearl wholesalers which sell to American pearl wholesalers are very skilled in processing medium and low grade pearls to make them appear higher grade. They strip down the pearl’s nacreous surface by acid soaking or barrel spinning them with abrasives hoping to improve the appearance of luster, (which is only a temporary benefit) or reducing the depth of any naturally occuring blemishes. Using heat, irradiation and dyes enhances color and is unstable.  All these artificial processes weaken the pearl’s structure and destroys the essence of why we want to adorn ourselves with pearls...something found in a natural state from the womb of the abyss. Beautiful pearls naturally glow from the inside (orient) like the soul of an enlightened person. Our moderate grade pearls sell for very low prices, they are what they are, we do not enhance any of our pearls thus not creating an illusion to sell them for more...this is another element of the authenticity of Pearls Krisana.

This is the surface of a Mother of Pearl shell of the Tahitian Pearl(Pinctada margaritifera) reflecting the same natural beauty as the pearl as it is made exactly of the same pearly nacre. Pearls have a natural beauty imparted by orient and color, the pearl requires no cutting or polishing to out its radiant sheen. With perfection as its birth right, the pearl stands alone among gems. Orient is the pearl's famous iridescence, which sets it apart from other jewels. Orient defines the essence of pearliness---the uniquely captivating play of light over the translucent surface of the gem. Layer upon layer of nacre, each one composed of overlapping plates of translucent aragonite mineral crystals glued together with conchiolin protein makes up the gem. It can be compared to that of a cabbage with layers of overlapping leaves. Orient occurs at the serrated edges of the leaves---the aragonite plates---where light diffracts and scatters. As the rays of light pass through the microscopic layers of aragonite and conchiolin, they reflect off the surface of these two substances in a different manner, producing different wavelengths. This interference produces the rainbow effect of iridescence that seems to swirl over a pearls surface. Most artificial pearl treatments, especially those with heat, irradiation or chemicals breaks down this natural interplay of light, crystals and protein.

Oysters filter two liters of sea water a minute extracting minerals and protein
from its environment, only the purest waters will ensure the oysters survival and eventually a quality pearl, a pearl which essentially is a  piece of solid South Sea ocean.

A large Tahitian South Sea
 pearl rich in color as shown laid over
its more abundant freshwater
relatives from China

Remote pearl station where
pearl grafting is performed

Oysters waiting to be grafted
with pearl nucleus

Pearls Krisana brings you natural color pearls direct from the South Seas.....

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