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Pearls Krisana Collections...

"Pacific Strands"

"Strands Naturelle"

"Satin Sea with Engraved Pearls"

The collections from Pearls Krisana are created by uniting two unique natural forces; those of the pearl bearing oysters from the South Seas and the craftsman….village artisan or master jeweler.

Collections through 2007 have a more celebratory emphasis on the pearl than previous years, rich in solid pearl strands, less designs with metal with pearls blended with leather, satins and mother of pearl.

"Strands Naturelle" All natural. Characteristic of Pearls Krisana, natural color pearl strands and bracelets of all varities and values strung and knotted with Japanese Silk clasped with a Mother of Pearl clasp hand made in Tahiti. A mainstay in Pearl Krisana. 

"Pacific Strands" Strands of natural color pearls clasped with a suede tie clasp. A fun piece that can be easily adjusted to be worn as a necklace in classic style close to the neck or over a sweater, worn as belt or on the hip during a sensual evening out.

"Satin Sea" Natural color pearls woven with satin creating warm and sexy styles. 

"Island Beat" A collection of natural color pearls and engraved pearls blended with leather and Mother of Pearl for fun easy to wear fun.

"Pendants" Pendants of all sorts, 14k & 18k worn on gold chain or satin cord, another mainstay the collections of Pearls Krisana. 


Parts of our collections are available with hand crafted pearl engraving from Tahiti, embracing symbolic Polynesian motifs. Turtles, Geckos, Dolphins, Birds, Flowers and ancient patterns reflect the natural world and behaviors of life around and within us. As an example, the amphibious Sea Turtle symbolized to the ancients', life transitions as in the passing of life to another form or a new life partner; a wife or a husband.

Custom engraving available. Please call. 
(Click Engraving below for more info)

"Engraved Pearls"