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 “At an intersection of insight and inspiration, Pearls Krisana emerged… revealing my passions and experiences in the South Sea pearl business.  Nourishing my creative center and a love of travel while staying true to my independent business nature, I found an enhanced perspective of the world as I bridged the varying aspects of this unique and colorful industry.

Pearls, when cultured on pearl farms in some of the most remote places on the planet, find themselves on a magnificent journey from their original birth place to a final resting home among people who revere them.


After extensive sorting and matching within the offices of pearl wholesalers worldwide, these very pearls plucked from the abyss of the purest ocean waters, find themselves again rolling through the esoteric hands of master jewelry designers, independent workshops and large scale manufacturers.  Without much final fanfare, they are ultimately showcased at fine retailers throughout Asia, Europe and America.  On display, these ocean gems are an individual piece of solid South Sea Ocean. 

The pearl is a living gem…a nacreous matrix of mineral and protein, extracted from its hostile and watery world, symbolizing the oyster’s struggle with its fluid environment.  Like us, each pearl is unique, with its own shape, its own color and its own story.  Every step in this industry represents a different world, a different culture, a different set of rules, risks and rewards. Navigating these varying realties along with my dedication, knowledge and personal contacts, ensures that my clients are assured of quality, creative designs and exceptionally well-valued collections.


Keeping the pearl in its natural state without color enhancements or treatments… sourcing directly with the remote pearl farmer and working exclusively with original artisans and designers from Tahiti, France and America provides me with the motivation and inspiration to bring this collaboration to my clients.

If you are truly interested in pearls and wish to gain a brief insight into this Queen of Gems, begin by reading the preface from Pearls: Ornament and Obsession, by Kristin Joyce and my friend Shellei Addison, who has written portfolio manuscripts for the company. Their research into the history and folklore of the pearls place in humankind’s mysterious fascination of the fine gem as adornment is unparalleled. 

Pearls from the South Seas, whether they are from Tahiti, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Burma or Thailand, provoke a contagious curiosity and a yearning to know more."...........Thank you, Cory E. Smith